NitroEx Support

NitroEx pricing and fees disclosures

NitroEx crypto exchange has an economical and competitive crypto price ranges in the market including:

  • No deposit fees
  • No hidden charges
  • Lowest trade rates
  • Minimum withdrawal fees
  • Lowest maker and taker fees

For more information on the NitroEx pricing and fees disclosures, please visit our Market Pricing page.

What are crypto funds withdrawal and deposit notifications?

NitroEx lets you know about price and funds movements in your account through alerts and notifications. You will be notified on one of these selections:

  • Only email
  • Only SMS
  • SMS and email
  • NONE

In the case of cryptocurrency withdrawals, you can select notifications settings for these situations:

  • Generating crypto withdrawal request
  • Approval of crypto withdrawal request
  • Crypto withdrawal request failure

In the case of cryptocurrency deposits, you can choose notification settings for these situations:

  • Crypto deposit in your account
  • Crypto deposit failed for some reason

Please note, you will only receive notifications based on your preferences and account settings. If you wish to switch to the default settings, please click on the Set Default Settings button under the notifications settings.

Why do I pay fees for crypto transactions?

Every time you send any amount of cryptocurrency from your address to the other, you incur certain network transaction charges.

The actual fee you pay will always differ depending on the network you use. For instance, a BTC transaction will warrant a distinct transaction fee placed on the Ethereum or Tether network and so on.

These transaction fees are received by miners. In simple words, it is received by miners who verify the block on the network containing your particular transaction. The transaction rates typically increase with the popularity and growing usage of cryptocurrency networks.

What are the Maker fees?

A “maker” offers liquidity for the order book. It is done by placing an order that may be matched in the future which “makes” the marketplace.

You can be a “maker” if you place an order and it doesn’t trade immediately. In such a case, your order stays in the order book, waiting for someone else to match or fill later.

If the trade order is not matched instantly against an order already on the order book, a trade order is given with the maker fee, which further adds to the liquidity. The maker fees on NitroEx ranges between 0.1-0.12%.

Please note that the maker fees are always less than the taker fees.

What are the Taker fees?

A “taker” ingests the book liquidity by taking an order from the order book. Let’s say a taker is someone who decides to place an order (this could be either buy or sell) that is immediately matched with an existing order in the order book.

In simple words, taker fees are levied if you complete someone else’s order, resulting in the removal of liquidity.

Since all market orders execute instantaneously, such orders would be charged with the taker fees. It ranges from 0.12 - 0.15% on NitroEx.