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“NitroEx is the best among of these platforms because NitroEx users not only earn by trading, but also earn with the “Wealth System” which offering the getting share from the exchange and has rights to vote of the NitroEx Future”

By the introduction of Bitcoin, almost ten thousands cryptocurrencies and many cryptocurrency trading platforms have been established. These platforms are working towards making profits by offering various trading opportunities to their users. NitroEx is the best among of these platforms because NitroEx users not only earn by trading, but also earn with the “Wealth System” which offering the getting share from the exchange and has rights to vote of the NitroEx Future.

NitroEx, celebrated recently its 1st anniversary continues to serve users at full speed with its innovations. The most important feature that distinguishes it from other trading platforms is the “Wealth System”. So what is this Wealth System?

“Wealth System” is an investor partnership program that NitroEx users can participate in the crypto currency exchange business. In this system, NitroEx makes sales to its users by opening a part of the company shares which is called as NitroEx Lot. Users who have bought NitroEx Lots are ranked according to the amount of Lots bought, and according to this ranking, NitroEx shares net revenue with the NitroEx Lot holders as a company reward at the end of every 3-months period.Total NitroEx Lot sales will not exceed 250000 Lots and these amount refer to %25 of the company shares. The participation in the “Wealth System” of NitroEx, which has users in 102 different countries around the world, is quite popular and got stopped until the next public NitroEx Lot sales.

NitroEx are regularly shared with the users on the social media about the values ​​of Lot revenues distributed to Lot Holders with the “Wealth System”. NitroEx distributed $1,852,312 worth of NTX to NitroEx shareholders in just 4 payment periods of one year as Lot revenue. The amount distributed increases with each passing quarter compared to the previous period.

It is very easy to make a profit with the “Wealth System”. After registering your account on the nitroex.io website or mobile application, you can log in to the system by clicking the “Place My Invest” button on the “Wealth System” page. It is highly recommended you to stay tuned as the company will sell rest Lots in near the future. The “Wealth System” includes five different levels.

Each level has its own characteristics and limits. By choosing the most suitable level for you, you can start being a partner of NitroEx and also earn money. You can review the detailed listing of each level by visiting lot packages.

  • As the levels increase, the revenue increases. Level up and increase your lots to earn more.
  • If you invite a friend to NitroEx as a reference, you can increase your referral earnings up to 50%.
  • You can get a discount of up to 60% on the Market Maker and Market Taker commission fees.
  • You can increase your monthly and daily withdrawal limits.
  • You will have the right to vote in determining the new coins to be listed on NitroEx. Your voting rights will increase as your level increases. You will be able to choose the type of coin to be listed.
  • Users who are included in the NitroEx Lot system can earn income according to their NitroEx Lot amount. Also, the higher your level and Lots,means the higher your earnings rate will be in that context.

The “Wealth System” continues successfully. For the transition between levels will be announced by NitroEx in the upcoming days. Learn more details about Wealth System on the blogs and on the social channels officially published.

#NitroEx Mobile Application is live on iOS and Android.

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