NitroEx Support

What is an API?

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface. It is simply a set of instructions enabling applications to interact with each other.

When trading cryptocurrencies, an API authorizes you to connect with the crypto exchange, facilitating access to the real-time market data for trading and managing your account.

For more information, please visit our API documentation here.

What is the use of API on NitroEx?

In general, an API enables two unrelated systems to interact with each other. It includes instructions and specifications, describing the way each of the two systems must interact with the Application Programming Interface itself.

Exclusive to trading cryptocurrencies, NitroEx API enables you to interact with our crypto exchange programmatically, enabling you to make trades, obtain real-time market data, and manage NitroEx account.
Here are some of the tasks that can be accomplished using our APIs:

1. Place and cancel crypto trading orders

2. Access market data

3. Stream and download market insights

4. Make funding transactions

5. View account balances

6. View trading history, and a lot more

For more information, please visit the NitroEx API Documentation page.

What makes our API special?

NitroEx offers a suite of instructions to access data such as real-time market information, make crypto trades, and manage your NitroEx account.

You can also use NitroEx Public REST APIs to build price comparison applications, tickers, manage order books, provide live trading data for all pairs, and everything else to support our crypto community.

If you are not able to create any standard request that the NitroEx system permits, send us the full copy of your attempted request including all headers and IP addresses. This information will help NitroEx support team to investigate and provide with the necessary assistance.

For more details, please visit the NitroEx API Documentation page.