NitroEx Support

What is NitroEx ?

NitroEx is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange based in Malta, offering a range of high-utility cryptocurrencies and market pairs for trading with cross-border transfer support. The platform facilitates peer-to-peer crypto exchange with multi-level security, promoting a highly-secure trading approach. We provide investors with the power to trade with optimum coherence, extending an intuitive platform that caters to different needs of beginner, professional, and institutional investors.

NitroEx has successfully managed to gather dedicated partners and staunch investors from different countries. As big crypto-heads in ourselves, we also encourage you to be a part of our bigger process and stand a step closer to your financial freedom!

Why should I choose/trust NitroEx ?

At NitroEx crypto exchange, we aim to make decentralized finance accessible to everyone, everywhere. We combine the revolutionary blockchain technology with simple, clutter-free, and intuitive interfaces to make the crypto trading process fast and effortless.

The company is dedicated to providing a similar trading experience to each investor. We offer crypto enthusiasts with financial freedom and promote digital trading usage all around the globe. With the lowest trade rates, zero hidden charges, no deposit fees, and trusted payment gateways, we ensure full transparency and protection of every crypto transaction.

How does NitroEx work ?

The first and most important objective of NitroEx lies in providing advanced security to the cryptocurrency traders. NitroEx crypto exchange is backed by next-level safety protocols and high-security standards, making it extremely secure from cyber attacks.

NitroEx is the first cryptocurrency exchange that got authorized for the license of the Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) company issued by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). We started our operations on June 27, 2020, with our own utility coin NTX and have been providing a trusted trading environment for buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

Can I buy crypto with USD on NitroEx ?

NitroEx crypto exchange supports crypto to crypto trading. We have a wide range of market pairs including top-tier listings such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT) to trade against another cryptocurrency.

We have low trading charges with no transaction limits, enabling traders to effortlessly immerse themselves in the crypto landscape. Our support team is available 24x7, providing assistance and guidance to crypto traders to make smart, profitable investment decisions.

How does NitroEx use my ID ?

While registering your account with NitroEx and before gaining access to our trading features, we may ask for your identification. We take extra measures to ensure the safety and integrity of your personal data.

NitroEx heavily restricts external access to traders’ IDs and goes through great lengths to safeguard user information. Moreover, all traffic goes over SSL to restrict third parties from interacting with your connection.

Our foremost purpose in collecting personal details is to offer traders with a customized, secure, and efficient trading experience. Verifying your identity also helps in preventing scams and frauds from taking place on NitroEx. We will never rent or sell trader data to third parties.

"Account temporarily disabled". What should I do?

If you are witnessing the error message “Account temporarily disabled”, it may indicate that your account potentially has a security concern. In such cases, NitroEx restricts accounts from buying or selling cryptos. Please ensure that you thoroughly go through any messages from the security team and respond in accordance.

You may be reading the error message for several reasons including:

Our security team is suspicious that your account might be accessed or targeted by a malicious user.

We detected security threats in the process of your account recovery.

Too many wrong log-in attempts.

Accessing your account indirectly through an external link.

If you’re facing serious account-related troubles, please write to our support team at [email protected]

Is this email really from NitroEx?

Any email sent from NitroEx crypto exchange will always have a single and permanent domain name ( at the end.

For instance, emails from [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] can be trusted as they have the legal NitroEx domain name at the end of the email address. If you receive any emails from outside sources that do not match with, consider those messages as scams as they can be potentially threatening.

Remember, NitroEx employees will never ask for 2FA codes, passwords, payment details, or request remote access to your system. If you are being manipulated to provide any of this, immediately contact the NitroEx support team and report the case.

What can I do if I have a problem?