What is the Token Listing?

What to Consider Before Listing Projects?

Since cryptocurrencies have entered our lives, they have started to increase their number and awareness day by day. Anyone with computer and internet access can generate tokens and offer them to trade in the cryptocurrency market by fulfilling certain responsibilities. Because it is so easily accessible, the interest of investors has increased tremendously, along with the number of coins and tokens.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms generally prioritize issues such as the quality of the project, security audits of the smart contract or the blockchain itself, legal and compliance processes, and liquidity. You can follow the listed tokens, whose project seems to be valuable, by completing the security processes, at CoinMarketCap.

Coin/Token listing in general terms; it is a work done to meet the user more easily and to make investments safely in places such as any NitroEx cryptocurrency trading platform of the project. The listed project is one step ahead of other projects. If it is listed, it means that it meets the required criteria. Projects can be listed on more than one platform.

Unfortunately, not all coin/token projects are successful. Cryptocurrency trading platforms serve the project by paying particular attention to some issues while listing. So, what should a coin/token project pay attention to when it wants to be listed?

1.Technical Deficiency

For a project to be successful, technical documents such as White Paper must be well prepared. Issues such as which subjects the project touches on, which issues it seeks solutions for, its methods, how the collected investments will be used and how the roadmap will be should be clearly stated in the technical document.

The White Paper is published publicly. All data should be transparent and clear, as it will be a document where investors who want to have information about the project get acquainted with the project. At the same time, the investor quality and authenticity of the project will be a consideration for the stock market that will make the listing.

Smart contracts should be chosen adequately and in accordance with the project. For the listing to be made, not every project may be accepted first on prestigious crypto currency trading platforms with high market value. Each platform may have different demands from the project to be listed. The platforms on which the projects are listed will also directly affect the prestige of the project.

2.Legal Legislation

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are required to require full regulatory compliance and extensive verification. In the field of law, some units work specifically for the cryptocurrency world. You can contact this unit and crypto money lawyers for information and support. However, another point that should not be forgotten is that investors support the project on their own will and it will not be right to blame the project directly or the platform on which it is listed when the project loses value. The savings of their investments belong entirely to the users themselves.

High prestige platforms attach great importance to legal regulations. In case of a deficiency in the project, legal and institutional procedures will operate. Small-scale platforms should not be ignored by project owners who want to list their projects for reasons such as less emphasis on legal regulations.

Projects with deficiencies in legal matters will cause people to lose their trust after a while, and this will directly damage the project. The decrease in the number of investors is a sign that the project will have a hard time.

3.Market and Marketing

A professionally prepared project will stay on the shelf unless there is a good market and marketing. The area that the project will serve should be well researched, the investor population should be well analysed and people should be attracted to the project.

The most important issue to be considered while conducting market research is to try to be the first in that field. It will not be difficult to find a market area with a unique project. The number of investors will naturally be above the desired levels. Marketplace is very important for a project to be successful.

After finding the market area, the second step is marketing. Marketing should be done using the technical documents of the project. Expert crypto marketers are working in this field. You can get support from experts to achieve high success.

Social media areas are very important for marketing. People generally follow current issues on social media. By using social media channels actively and effectively, you can inform the community you want to influence quickly and easily about your project.

4.Future of the Project Point

Your project may have gotten off to a pretty good start. The important thing now is to ensure continuity. It is like the foundation of a building when the project starts. The important issue now is the upper floors of the building. You must have ideas to improve the project and make it better. You should always keep people’s interest in the project alive.

It should be noted that the post-listing project development dynamics of the project can significantly affect the effectiveness of the listing. Project dynamics should be positive and keep your community up to date with the latest developments.

The authenticity and sustainability of the projects is very important for both the user, the project owner and the listing platform. In this context, the process should be well organized until the technical issues and legal obligations are completed and the project is marketed and presented to the investors. This process will be one of the most important factors that determine the future point of the project.

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