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Privacy Policy

Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data and its Legal Justifications


Your personal data is processed for the purposes of fulfilling the legal and administrative liabilities of our Company; registry of identity, address and other necessary information for establishing the veracity of the information of the person executing the transaction; arrangement of all records and documents, which will serve as a base for any transactions you will execute with our Company via electronic channels, and custody of the same as long as it is projected under the legislation; ensuring compliance with domestic and international regulations; fulfilling liabilities stipulated by authority bodies such as maintenance of information and documents, reporting, risk monitoring, information sharing and information liabilities; engagements related to planning, statistics and enhancing service quality; prevention of fraud, ensuring security; execution of intelligence, information request researches and evaluations pertaining to our Company’s products and services that you requested; managing our legal processes; fulfilling liabilities towards you pertaining to any transactions that you execute with our Company.


Person/Institutions to which Your Personal Data may be Transferred


In cases where legislation allows, your personal data may be transferred to any persons or institutions, or official institutions for which provisions of legislation allow/enforce information sharing; to project/program partner organizations from which we procure services to carry out our activities, to domestic/international organizations, organizations from which we receive support and consultancy services, and independent audit companies.


Method of Collecting Your Personal Data


Your personal data may be collected by means of channels, verbally, in writing, visually or in the electronic environment, such as Head Office, physical environments, internet site, mobile and digital applications, internet transactions, SMS channels, companies from which we receive services and the call center.


Your Rights


By applying to our Company, you have the right to:


  1. a) Demand information, if it is processed,
  2. b) Request the purpose of processing and whether these are used appropriately,
  3. c) Know the third parties to which your personal data has been transferred either domestic / abroad,
  4. d) Request correction if your personal data has been processed deficiently or faultily,
  5. e) Request deletion or destruction as per the terms of use,
  6. f) Request deletion or destruction as per the terms of use,
  7. g) Request notification of transactions executed as per the above subclauses (e) and (f) to third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred,
  8. h) Object to the occurrence of a result against you due to analysis only on automated systems,
  9. i) Request compensation of any loss if you incur said loss due to the illegal processing of your personal data.


To ensure the fulfillment of your requests, any and all expenses to be incurred by our Company may be demanded from you as per the tariff specified under article 13 of the Law titled “Application to Data Protection Officer”.


Term Of Use

The Terms of Service (“Agreement”) herein and other rules contained in the website (“Site or Website”) regulate the terms and conditions of the services offered by Nitro Software Technologies an integral part of the Agreement here in, all policies and rules, together with the other documents contained in the Site, constitute the appendix to this Agreement.


This Agreement is executed by and between you and Nitro Software Technologies (“Provider” or “We/Us”), resident in Triq L- Uqija Swieqi SWQ 2332 , Malta Registration Number of the Company. GMT 26584529, as per the provisions of the Regulation on Distance Contract (“Regulation”).


Provider’s registered electronic mail address: [email protected]


By using our services, you hereby agree to and accept all terms and conditions of the Agreement.


Within this framework, up-to-date information in relation to the type, ratio and amount of any kind of fee to be collected from you for services to be provided to you by Us, subject to the provisions of this Agreement, is given clearly and transparently on our Website


Information pertaining to the precautions taken by the Provider for the security of the Site and Crypto Assets, and to the security policies, can be accessed on The User is personally responsible for the security of their personal account (against stealing of user name, password, mobile phone, phishing and similar e-frauds and hacking). In the event of personal security breach, the security precautions and policies applied by the Provider to maintain the Website and Crypto Assets may not provide sufficient protection for the User. The User irrevocably accepts, undertakes and declares that the Provider cannot be held responsible for any losses and damages that the User incurs due to the User’s fault, and the User absolves the Provider of said liabilities. Crypto Asset trading, transfer and custodian services are provided to you as part of the Crypto Asset trading platform that we provide via our Website. The Provider is not the owner, issuer or seller of the Crypto Assets subject to the trading transactions executed on this Site. The Provider shall enable trading of the Crypto Assets in a secure, transparent, competitive, efficient and consistent environment, and ensure the execution of trading orders through matching method, of payments between seller and buyer (exchange), and ensure secure custody of the Crypto Assets. The User should have the necessary licensed and up-to-date protective software, browser and operating system to use the platform. Moreover, the User should own Google Authenticator or One-Time-Password via sms that can be used for this purpose to conduct Two Factor Authentication (2FA).


The Provider does not declare, guarantee or undertake whether or not the content provided by the Users and Crypto Assets offered for sale are legal. Accordingly, under no circumstances may the Provider be party to any dispute between the buyer and the seller, nor may the buyer and/or seller make any claim against the Provider.


Users reserve the right of recourse to the consumer court or consumer arbitration committee for any disputes which may arise between Users and the Provider pertaining to the service provided by the Provider to the Users.


The price of the Crypto Assets subject to trading transactions executed on this Site may vary depending on (i) fluctuations in financial markets, (ii) fluctuations in Crypto Asset markets and (iii) demand supply balance, and since this matter is beyond the Provider’s control, and all transactions regarding the Crypto Assets cannot be cancelled and revoked due to their nature, the Crypto Asset trading and transfer transactions are definite and binding, and cannot be cancelled or revoked.


The Provider does not guarantee and undertake the payment of Crypto Assets to the User by converting them into USD. Upon request the Provider is liable for transferring the User’s Crypto Assets into a wallet determined by the User.


Communication Permission

I hereby accept and commit that I allow Nitro Software Technologies to send me all kinds of data, voice and visual commercial electronic messages for the purposes of direct marketing, advertising, publicity, promotion by electronic communication means, i.e. phone, automated calling machines, electronic mail, short message service.

Risk Disclosure Statement

Information contained in this Site ("Site" or Platform") and any activities executed within the scope of this Site are not oriented to generate a certain income for users. It should not be accepted as an Investment Consultancy service. Just Nitro Software Technologies ("Company") and its employees cannot give any investment advice or direction, they also cannot provide any guarantee.


We do not guarantee the up-to-datedness or accuracy of the information on the Site, including Users’ identity or Crypto Assets’ values. All kinds of content, information, report, research, opinion, comment, advice on the Site are prepared for the purpose of providing general information. This information does not have absolute validity or provable accuracy.


Previous performance of Crypto Assets does not guarantee the same performance in the future. By no means may content shared in the Site serve as an offer or invitation for the purchase or sale of a certain product.


Nitro Software Technologies cannot be held liable for any incorrect information on the Site, or for any losses (including pecuniary /non-pecuniary losses) arising from transactions executed based on this information.


As the price of Crypto Assets subject to the trading transactions executed on this Site may vary depending on fluctuations in financial markets, fluctuations in Crypto Asset markets and supply and demand, and since this matter is beyond the control of Nitro Software Technologies, and all transactions related to Crypto Assets are irrevocable due to their nature, Crypto Asset trading transactions carry high risk and this risk level may not be appropriate for every user.


We recommend that you execute Crypto Asset trading transactions only to the extent of the amount that you can afford to lose, in consideration of the possibility of losing your entire money /assets/ values.


Trading and maintaining Crypto Assets carry certain risks. For this reason, before deciding to execute transactions on the Site, you must understand and fully evaluate all types of risk that you may encounter, including but not limited to the following, and make decisions with such risks taken into account.


Market Risk: The Crypto Asset market is newly developing and therefore carries uncertainties. In parallel with buy-sell demands and possible developments, prices of Crypto Assets may also display high volatility and vulnerability. It is possible that Crypto Assets value (price) may rise, drop or totally zero out. You should not trade for an amount above that which you can afford to lose, and you should not conduct speculative trading.


Liquidity RiskThere may not be sufficient buy or sell demand in the Site’s order book or in the global crypto asset market for the Crypto Assets that you can trade on the platform. This may cause extreme price volatility. We, as a company, do not commit to providing sufficient liquidity or to repurchasing any of the Crypto Assets. Moreover, we may temporarily or permanently close the order book of some Crypto Assets traded on the Platform without any justification. You must take into account that you bear risk of loss in the event that there is no buyer in the market or the related order book is closed.


Legal Risk: Crypto Assets are not yet regulated, and therefore, their legal status is not clear as of today. Once regulation commences, there are some legal risks that Crypto Assets may be fully or partially banned; may be subject to strict rule regulations as per anti-money laundering and combating financing of terrorism or other regulations; may be subject to tax.


Exchange Risk: The stock exchanges that you trade or real/legal entities that you hire for custody of your Crypto Assets may be hacked or defrauded by internal and external persons. You must be careful while selecting stock exchange and custody (wallet) services, and should carry out the necessary inspections on their reliability and the security policies they adopt.


Personal Risk: If you, as a person, fail to take the necessary security precautions while accessing the stock exchange or wallet, you may completely lose your Crypto Assets or they may be stolen.


Technological Risk: Blockchain technology and Crypto Assets are not yet matured technological innovations. You must take into account any faults or errors that may occur in all aspects, mainly new developments in the technology or distributed registry system, encoding, wallet.


Nitro Software Technologies bears no responsibility pertaining to the change (including but not limited to price changes during trading transactions executed on the Site) in the prices of Crypto Assets determined according to supply and demand. Therefore, full responsibility for all losses and damages that have arisen or that may arise shall lie with the users.


Before executing transactions on this Site, you hereby agree that Nitro Software Technologies may use, process your personal data as per the Privacy Policy, and share your information with third parties, including legal bodies, at its own discretion.