What is Algorithmic Trade Bot and NitroBot Strategies

How Does Algorithmic Trade Bot Work?

Algorithmic Trade Bot is a kind of developed software that trades for you within the platform. It is the most preferred trading tool for users who do not have enough time or cannot follow their investments. There are different versions of trading bot applications, which we have started to hear frequently on cryptocurrency platforms. Newly starting people who want to trade cryptocurrencies generally benefit from these software tools. In addition to those who add value to their investment with cryptocurrencies, there are a lot who are in loss. However, beginners or those who like risky investments can make losses. In order to adjust, you must first gain experience in the stock market. Those who do not have enough time for this certainly turn to trade bots. It is easier and faster to invest with Trade-bot.

How Does Algorithmic Trade Bot Work?

Since no one can be active at every second of the day to find the best result in a short time, and invest by scanning various exchanges, Algorithmic Trade Bot allows the trader to trade 24/7. Based on such need, trading bots were born. Thanks to software such as Trade bot, you can make your investment more easily and quickly.

Trade Bot generally carries out and follows the transactions in line with the directives given by the investor, and in accordance with the design mechanism. It automatically evaluates many factors such as data reading, chart analysis, stock market comparisons, and trading differences. Trade bots which are compatible with crypto currency trading platforms are offered free of charge in the market. You have to pay to use the full version. Some platforms make their own trading bots available to users and these platforms provide their users with the privilege of “free of charge”. One of these platforms is NitroEx Exchange.


NitroEx company offers its users with the Algorithmic Trade Bot it developed, the NitroBot Mobile Application. NitroBot Application can be used both on iOS and on Android. In order to use the application, you must first have a NitroEx account. Login to the NitroBot Application with your NitroEx account information.

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NitroEx offers users the opportunity to evaluate their investment with NitroBot by choosing among the following options:


1. Whale Tracker:

You no longer need to be a professional user to trade cryptocurrencies. With this strategy you will use, you can earn with NitroBot by taking low risk. With this strategy, it makes the most suitable purchase for you by listing which coins and levels the users are buying from the platforms. Thus, you can follow the strategy followed by professional traders by reducing the risk you will take and making purchases.

2. Arbitrage:

The risk of this strategy you will use is low. By comparing the prices on different crypto currency trading platforms, the coin you want to buy is purchased at the most affordable price. As all platforms are scanned and bought at the best price, the percentage of return will increase as the market price of the investment increases.

3. Swing Trade:

It is a strategy used as a long-term investment. With this strategy, it is planned to reduce the risk by dividing your available balance into different platforms and to make profits by keeping the waiting time long. It is inevitable that you will make a profit in the medium long term. By scanning the platforms, the most suitable coins are determined and purchased. When the time comes, sales are made and turned into profit.

4. Machine Learning:

It is a strategy in which artificial intelligence brings itself to the fore. If you use this strategy method, the risk you will take will increase. With this strategy, NitroBot progresses by learning without being tied to a particular trading strategy. You should be equidistant from gaining or losing because it will progress by learning.

5. Stake:

The network participant in the blockchain system locks the coins on the specific network to the block. This process is called staking. There is no risk you will take in the staking strategy. Winnings are distributed as prizes.

6. VIP: This is the trading strategy carried out by the NitroEx professional team. The NitroEx team evaluates the investments it receives from users and provides profit to its users. These transactions are meticulously followed by professionals and the risk is kept very low.

Strategy Timing:

There are four different strategy times you can use in NitroBot.

Short: 30 days

Medium:90 days

Long: 180 days

Longest: 365 days

The profit changes depending on the strategy you choose. After determining and implementing the most appropriate strategy, you can enjoy making profits on NitroBot.

Join us in taking advantage of the many privileges NitroEx offers as well making high profits, all with minimum risk by using the NitroBot Application.