NitroEx Support

What is account verification?

NitroEx traders should verify their account to ensure crypto exchange security. It is a process of checking that the new or existing account is owned and operated by a specified individual. Account verification can enhance the trading experience and quality of crypto services including funds deposit and withdrawals, buying and selling cryptos, and mitigating risks such as spam, vandalism, fake accounts, disinformation, and more.

At NitroEx, compliance is one of our core priorities. Therefore, we need to collect useful information in order to enable our traders to transact on our platform.

The account verification process helps to keep our crypto trading community fair and free of duplicate trader accounts. Once your account has been verified, you will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and receive other ongoing crypto earning benefits.

Why is it important to verify your account?

NitroEx crypto exchange goes extra lengths to ensure that our services are not used to commit fraud, support terrorism, launder money or other illegal activities. Identity verification helps in shielding NitroEx traders from fraud, theft, and abuses on the NitroEx cryptocurrency exchange platform.

We take compliance obligations and trading regulatory measures seriously and appreciate your understanding and assistance in this manner. Please note, in order to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on NitroEx, your account and identity must be verified.

In order to verify your account information, please log in to your NitroEx account, click on My Profile, and navigate to the General View section. Click on KYC Verification settings and you will be asked to provide identification details and upload a selfie and a government-approved ID to complete the verification. Submit your request and wait for the NitroEx team to check and verify your account. Once the verification process is approved from our end, you will then be able to make transactions into your account.

If you have any issues with your ID and account verification, please contact our NitroEx support team at [email protected]

Is my account verified? How can I understand?

Account verification is a mandatory process for getting started with cryptocurrency trading at NitroEx.

If you have created a new account, enter the necessary information and documents for KYC and submit your request for further approval. The NitroEx security team will assess, analyze, and review your application and depending on the credibility of submitted data and documents, the team will approve or disapprove your request.

You’ll get an email notification once your application request is approved and the account is successfully verified. Your KYC status would also appear as KYC Verified. You can then start using the full range of NitroEx trading features. 

Is my private information and photo secure?

NitroEx collects useful information, enabling traders to use our crypto services without any troubles. This essentially includes data collection mandated by law such as to verify your account and protect you from fraudulent activities, or anti-money laundering compliances.

We go through great lengths to safeguard your private information. There is no way for employees to access data and we run background checks on every NitroEx team staff. Moreover, all traffic goes through SSL to prevent third parties from interrupting your connection.

Our primary objective in collecting personal information and photos from traders is to provide them with an efficient, secure, and customized trading experience. NitroEx will never rent or sell your personal data or identity documents to any third party. 

What can I do without verifying my account?

If you do not verify your account and identity, your account will be restricted and you will not be able to make trades on the platform. NitroEx will help you in every way possible to get your account verified. However, if you are unwilling or unable to complete the verifications that are required, we would advise you to withdraw your funds immediately from the platform and delete your account.

In case you are facing troubles in getting your account or KYC verified, please contact our NitroEx support team at [email protected]

You can also directly raise a query ticket here.

My ID is written in the local language. Will that work?

An up to date and valid government-issued ID is required for us to approve your account and identity verification request. NitroEx has put this security measure in place to protect your account from frauds and keep your payment and personal information safe.

Acceptable documents for government-issued ID include, but are not limited to:

Your passport.

Your driver’s licence.

National identity card.

For documents that are in local languages, a notarized translation of your identity along with the proof of residence will be required for further verification.

If you have any other concerns, you may contact our service and support team at [email protected]

Are there any important steps that I need to take care of?

Account and ID verification are crucial steps to prevent fraud and ensure that no one, except you, can use your personal and payment information to make crypto trades.

Although, there are a few measures that you need to take to minimize the chances of verification delays or rejection. Please note that NitroEx aims to approve submissions in the fastest way possible. 

  • Always submit your personal details during the identity verification process and never via emails or support requests.
  • Your phone number can be used to create one NitroEx trading account ONLY. Verification attempts made with the same number for another account will not be approved.
  • Enter your first name exactly as mentioned in your ID.
  • Enter your middle and last name exactly as mentioned in your ID. 
  • Enter your date of birth in the proper format and ensure the details are correct.
  • Provide your current and correct address details. 

If you have any further questions, please raise a ticket here.

Why are the images taking too long to upload?

When uploading documents such as scanned copies or photos, NitroEx has certain parameters that need to be fulfilled.

Make sure that your upload documents meet the following guidelines:

Please check your network settings before uploading.

Ensure that your images are in proper picture format and not in .docx format. The acceptable formats are:

  • .jpeg
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .pdf
  • Ensure that your uploads do not exceed the size of 5 MB.
  • Your image dimension should not exceed 6144x6144 px.
  • If your file is within these parameters and still taking too long to upload, please take screenshots of your document and try uploading that instead.

If it still doesn’t work, please contact the NitroEx support team at [email protected]

How long will the verification process take?

The identification documents and personal information that you submit are thoroughly analysed and reviewed by our support team and identity verification software.

If we find your documents error-free, consistent, and accurate, the entire process would typically take between 24 hours to 48 hours to get verified. However, if for some reasons your submission is not automatically verified, it will then be sent for a manual review and verification. This method may take up to 4 to 5 business days. We are unfortunately unable to fast track manual verifications due to the nature of security concerns involved.

If at any point the NitroEx Security team needs extra details from you, they will be in touch via emails.