What is NTX?

NitroEx Exchange aims to offer a unique interface with real-time order books, charting tools, trading history, and a simple ordering process, so users can buy/sell easily. NTX is a token that offers its investors extra privileges, increased limits, and earnings. Nitro Software Technologies introduced the NitroEx Exchange project, a cryptocurrency trading exchange, to the service of users 1 year ago. NitroEx Exchange listed the NTX project. NitroEx raised $3.7 million in the ICO. Along with the $2.4 million in equity, with a total valuation of over $6 million.

NTX is used in the artificial intelligence supported NitroBot (algorithmic trade bot) application, which is another crypto service of Nitro Software Technologies. The fuel required for the use of the NitroBot algorithmic trade bot is determined as NTX. It is statistically proven that users make an 8% profit. NitroEx offers holistic software solutions for the needs of its users in the crypto world.

This put a new model of invesment based on having regular earnings by sharing the company’s profit among the users which bought NTX Tokens to increase the value of NTX Token independent from the market is the priority and continuity is a must for the development of the structure.

Aiming to be the only address for big profits NitroEx will present many acquisition models in upcoming days.

NTX Token Production and Usage Area

In addition to purchasing NTX Tokens, there are also many other services like the NitroEx Wealth System which offers to get shares from the company revenues occured from the trading fees NitroEx is earned by giving exchange service to its users. The company sells 25% of the shares and distributes as NTX by sharing the profits every quarter. Users also get many privileges through this system where NTX wins. Since the NTX Token will be used as fuel, inflation and deflation over price are kept under control. You can benefit from NitroEx privileges by being included in the system.

With the Wealth System project, NitroEx Company distributed a total of $ 1,852,312 worth of NTX Tokens among the users included in the system in 4 different periods over 1 year. Although the Wealth System project purchases are currently closed, distributions continue within the scope of the project. It is eagerly awaited by users that the company will start working on new purchases for the project.

The Total Supply of NTX is at 11,000,000,000 units. The Circulating Supply of NTX is 4,000,000,000 units.

NTX Token Listing

NTX has managed to be listed in a short time on some cryptocurrency exchanges and independent cryptocurrency platforms, including NitroEx Exchange.

Coinmarketcap is the most followed crypto data provider, listing coin and token data from thousands of crypto trading platforms. NTX Token being listed on coinmarketcap since August 27, 2020, and data flow is offered to users.

Operating since 2014, CoinGecko is one of the largest and oldest cryptocurrency data aggregators. It aims to provide users with information about cryptocurrencies. The NTX Token is listed on CoinGecko as of February 19, 2021.

Hotbit, one of the leading crypto trading platforms, has recently been listed as NTX/USDT and NTX/ETH. You can do data analysis by adding it to your favourite list as well as trading.

Cryptocurrency data provider Nomics has implemented the list, which started with the first 100 coins, for all cryptocurrencies. The company underlines that the analyses are not investment recommendations. NTX Token is listed in Nomics Company’s data analysis as of March 5, 2021.

NTX Token is traded on the NTX/USDT and NTX/ETH trading pairs on the NitroEx Exchange. You can visit the listed cryptocurrency platforms to support and invest in NTX Token.

Drawing a graph of constant increase NTX Token will gain high value with the regular buyback model of NitroEx Global owning the shares of the NitroEx market in some way the users made a high demand during for sale period.,

NitroEx Mobile Application is live on 📲iOS and 📲Android.

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