NTX Listing Festival | NTX Listed On LBank Exchange

NTX at LBank now!

NTX Listing Festival | NTX Listed On LBank Exchange

NitroEx Exchange’s own token “NTX” continues its surprises without any interruption. It is listed on the L-Bank Exchange, which is in the top 25 in the NTX Token market cap ranking, and we are delighted to give you this news!

NitroEx is entering the year 2022 while leaving many important footprints behind. We have already experienced 2021 to the fullest as the NitroEx family continues to grow. We announced that NTX, which has been listed on the top 3 exchanges so far, will be listed on 3 different exchanges at the “NTX Listing Festival”. The first listing took place on Pro-Bit Exchange. Now we are counting the days for the second listing of L-Bank. During the festival, there will be many events and competitions within NTX awards, and for this, we recommend you to follow our official accounts.

NTX will get listed on LBank Exchange on 19th of November.

● Trading Pairs: $NTX/USDT

● Deposit: November 19, 2021, 08:00 UTC +8

● Trading: November 26, 2021, 08:00 UTC +8

● Withdrawal: November 29, 2021, 8pm UTC +8

● Details: https://support.lbank.site/hc/en-gb

LBank Exchange

LBank Exchange is one of the best ranked cryptocurrency trading platforms. It has NFA, MSB, Canadian MSB, and Australian AUSTRAC licenses. LBank Exchange provides services with a secure, professional, convenient and user-friendly interface. In addition, LBank Exchange is a platform that offers its users more than 200 cryptocurrencies to discover and invest in high-quality crypto assets.

LBank reached a market capitalization of $5 million in 2019, and It has continued to increase its value by investing in various projects. It has users in more than 50 countries around the world. while Increasing the number of user’s day by day, in its latest data, the platform reported that it has more than 6.5 million users.

LBank, which has acquired the NTX Token, will offer the NTX/USDT trading pair.


A year ago, Nitro Software Technologies introduced the NitroEx Exchange project, a cryptocurrency trading exchange, to the service of users. NTX is an ERC20 based token that offers its users extra privileges, increased limits, and earnings. Note: NitroEx Exchange listed NTX project. It raised $3.7 million in the ICO, along with $2.4 million in equity, with a total valuation of over $6 million. NTX Token is listed on Coin Market Cap on August 27, 2020, and data flow is offered to users.

Very recently, NTX Token was listed on Coin-Gecko, Coin market cap and Nomics. In the past months, it has also been listed on the Hot-Bit exchange, and had been awarded at many award events. Most recently, it was listed on Pro-Bit Exchange and had been made available to users.

NitroEx and NTX continue to do business worldwide. NTX Token will also continue to surprise its investors with new projects and is planned to be listed on another cryptocurrency trading platform very soon. We will announce new listing news very soon — Follow us to be informed about the developments!

NTX Total Supply: 11,000,000,000

Official Website: https://www.nitroex.io/ntx

NitroEx Official Telegram: https://t.me/NitroExOfficial

🇮🇷Persia : https://t.me/NitroExPersia
🇻🇳Vietnam : https://t.me/NitroExVietnam
🇳🇬Nigeria : https://t.me/NitroExNigeria
🇹🇷Turkey : https://t.me/NitroExTurkey
🇮🇳India : https://t.me/NitroExIndia
🇧🇩Bangladesh : https://t.me/NitroExBangladesh
🇮🇩Indonesia : https://t.me/NitroExIndonesia

NitroEx Mobile Application is live on 📲iOS and 📲Android.

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