What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse (other universe) is a collective virtual sharing space created by physical reality and virtual space by combining all virtual worlds, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and the internet.

It refers to the platform necessary for the Internet to be transformed into a three-dimensional universe in which people are not content to just look at certain things, but are active in it.

The term “Metaverse” was first coined by science fiction writer Neal Stephenson on page 22 of his 1992 novel “Snow Crash”. In “Snow Crash”, the Metaverse is a hugely popular virtual world experienced by users equipped with augmented reality technology.

The Metaverse project is designed to serve in many areas imaginable, from the virtual world to the economy, from cultural studies to fashion. Many companies and enterprisers are working and investing in Metaverse. While designing three-dimensional universes, it contains unlimited features such as transitions between universes, avatar selections, changes, and arrangements.

Metaverse (ETP)

Metaverse Smart Token, which belongs to the Metaverse platform, is a project run on the Blockchain. Within the scope of the project, studies are carried out for augmented virtual reality.

As it is known, there is no real owner of the internet. Therefore, although it is available to everyone, it is not a company and a profitable structure. Metaverse is very similar to the internet in this respect as decentralized. At the same time, since the users are in control, the possibility of illegal activities such as theft and fraud is very low.

There are digital identities called Avatars on the platform. These digital identities are defined as self-governing applications on the Metaverse Blockchain.

Oracles, “Service providers with digital identity” service is also offered to users as a valuable tool. It imports and exports data by processing data from the internet into the blockchain network with Oracles. At the same time, it validates the incoming data by filtering it. With this system, users can control fast and transparent transactions.

Metaverse for NFT and Blockchain

One of the decentralized projects on the blockchain is Metaverse. In this world where the virtual world hosts the functions of the physical world, you can do your transactions with NFT technology. NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unit of data stored in a digital ledger called Blockchain, which confirms that a digital asset is unique and unique and therefore not interchangeable. The connection between the physical world and the virtual world takes place on the blockchain.

In the connection between the virtual and physical world, it is the NFT that enables them to purchase and operate the data flow in the metadatabase. Thanks to NFT, the physical world can be transferred to the virtual world.

In order to participate in blockchain-based projects, it is often necessary to purchase cryptocurrencies. Project providers earn profits with the cryptocurrencies they use.

The source of information that identifies the source and items in a data collection is called metadata. The data processed in the metadatabase is monitored in a decentralized manner under the control of the users.

We have a project in front of us that wants to go to the extreme where the internet is and will use virtual reality for this. We will have to decide in the near future the place and importance of this project in our lives.

Metaverse Examples

Metaverse offers platforms where people can participate online in virtual reality games and on the internet. Metaverse is the subject of many movies. Online concerts in the virtual space are given with the theme of Metaverse.

Recently, two entrepreneurs paid $69 million for a digital art album. This purchased album will be exhibited in the digital gallery that will open on the 4th of November. Only part of the digital gallery will belong to it. All events such as concerts, meetings, cultural events that you can think of can be held in the digital area designed by famous architects, which consists of many sections.

In the unlimited world of the internet, a digital concert was held recently. Participation was made from all over the world and participants attended with their own designed or purchased avatars. Over 12 million avatars attended this concert.

The platform that attracts the most attention and is used by users in the virtual world is the game world. In this new and endless world, users can design their own avatars as they wish. They can shop. Users can pay with cryptocurrency. Metaverse gives us the image of a physical world in the game world.

Metaverse world-themed topics are covered in countless areas, from games to movies. Metaverse, which is a candidate to be the internet of the future, offers you the closest virtual world to reality.

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