NitroEx 3.0 is Launched

NitroEx 3.0 is Launched!

As NitroEx enters its 3rd year, it presents its new user interface and improved tools to its users. Many expected features in NitroEx 3.0 version are on the air. NitroEx also took into account the feedback from users in this update.

We’ve redesigned the whole UI including the mobile app and made it more comfortable and user-friendly for all NitroEx Investors.

Some Highlights

NitroEx 3.0 Features
NitroEx 3.0 Features

The NitroEx website interface has been redesigned. Our designers, engineers, and all our team have developed a new interface that is easier and faster while keeping the simplicity and user habits in this design. You can visit the NTX page in the new interface of the website. You can see and follow detailed information about NTX Token on the NTX page.

One of the most notable developments was the addition of language options. In the project, which has users from more than 100 countries, 3 new language options have been added in addition to 5 language options (English, German, Russian, Korean and Spanish). Now NitroEx is live with Turkish, French, and Italian language options. You can experience the NitroEx on your comfort language option.

Finally, one of the most recent enhancements is the addition of the BSC network. BSC Binance Smart Chain Network integrated. In this way, it is aimed to provide cheaper and easier transfer opportunities.

Don’t forget to update your NitroEx Mobile App.

Discover this experience now.

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