NitroBot | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NitroBot allows you to streamline your trading, manage your portfolio and use advanced trading tools while connected to your NitroEx account. It automatically processes in the light of the criteria determined by the user. Equipped with superior artificial intelligence technology, NitroBot is designed to make a profit by managing user portfolios in the best way.

With the NitroBot application, NitroEx users spend a very small part of their time while transacting easily and securely. NitroBot, which has attracted the attention of users since the day it was put into use, is increasing its popularity among users day by day in light of the data received. NitroBot, which has enabled more than 80% of users to earn, increased the number of funds allocated by 10%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is NitroBot?

It is an algorithmic trade bot application with superior artificial intelligence technology, released for free by NitroEx Exchange for users to manage their own funds more easily and to increase their profit rates.

2. How can I download the NitroBot App?

NitroBot Application;

For Android devices:

For iOS devices:

You can download them for free.

3. Do I have to have a NitroEx account to use NitroBot?

To use the NitroBot Application, you must have a NitroEx account. You must log in to the NitroBot application with the information of your NitroEx account. The use of funds in your NitroEx account is provided by automatic integration into the NitroBot Application.

4. How many different options can I lock cryptocurrency in NitroBot?

With NitroBot, you can set 6 different strategies. Strategy: Whale Tracker, Arbitrage, Swing Trade, Machine Learning, Stake, and VIP.

You can evaluate your strategy in 4 different time options. Duration: Short/30 days, Medium/90 days, Long/180 days, and Longest/365 days.

5. Can I use the NTXs I earned during the lock period?

You cannot use your NTXs for the duration of the strategy you set. You can use NTXs after the lock period is over.

6. Which coins can I trade with NitroBot using?

You can use 5 different coins with NitroBot. Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Ripple(XRP), Litecoin(LTC) and Nitroex(NTX).

7. How can I use my earned NTX?

The NTXs you earn are credited to your NitroEx account and you can use them in all transactions like the NTXs you normally use.

8. When I trade with Bitcoin, will my earnings be reflected in Bitcoin(BTC) or NTX?

The gain is provided in NTX and is displayed on the main screen as both the amount of NTX and the USDT value of NTX.

9. Can I trade multiple Bots or cryptocurrencies at the same time?

You can open multiple positions with multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time. However, you cannot use the same strategy with different coins. For example, you cannot stake using BTC and ETH at the same time.

10. Can I cancel NitroBot whose strategy I have determined?

You can cancel your strategy that you set with NitroBot with the new mobile application update.

11. Will my NTX earnings be reflected directly in my wallet, do I need to trade?

You do not need to take action. Your earnings will be automatically reflected in your wallet balance at the end of the period.

12. Do I need to have NTX in my wallet to use NitroBot?

To use NitroBot, you must have NTX in your wallet. NTX is used as Fuel Token. The amount of NTX Fuel Token to be used changes according to the cryptocurrency, strategy, and time you set. You can check the amount of NTX before confirming the transaction.

13. Can anyone with a NitroEx account use NitroBot?

NitroBot Application has been specially designed for NitroEx users. Anyone who is a NitroEx user can use the NitroBot App.

14. Is NitroBot only available as a mobile app?

NitroBot is used as a mobile application for iOS and Android. NitroEx and NitroBot applications are constantly updated by our technical team. It is important to use the latest version of applications.

15. What is my NitroBot password?

To log in to the NitroBot Application, you must use your NitroEx account information. Your user account name and password are the same as your NitroEx account.

16. Where can I track my earnings in detail?

At the top of the NitroBot application main screen, you can see your daily and total earnings, the amount of NTX, and its value in USDT. For a detailed list, you can access the detailed list for the coin you want by touching the “Earnings” icon on the main screen.

17. Is there any chance of loss while using NitroBot?

NitroBot Application is an Algorithmic Trading Bot Application that helps users to earn money. Depending on the application’s working strategy, it gains by trading or staking in line with the directives given by the user. There is a low probability of loss in the face of instantaneous high changes in the market.

18. Will my earnings constantly increase or decrease?

Depending on the situation of the crypto money market during the day, there may be increases and decreases in your daily earnings. You can compare by viewing your total earnings at the end of the period you set.

19. Can I follow the earnings of the positions I have entered for different time periods daily?

You can see your daily earnings in NTX and its value in USDT by tapping the daily option on the NitroBot App main screen.

20. Can I use the NitroBot Application on different exchanges?

NitroBot Application is only for NitroEx Exchange users. You can log in using the information of your NitroEx account.

If you have a different question or suggestion about NitroBot, please contact us at [email protected].